4 Options for Advancing Your Nursing Career

One of the great things about opting for a career in nursing is that there are many opportunities for advancement and progression. Once you have graduated nursing school and gotten yourself some first-hand experience, you will be able to go on to take further exams, specialize in various areas of nursing and healthcare, or even train to become a nursing student teacher at a university or hospital. You can learn more about graduate nursing degree options at gmercyu.edu, but with so many different options to choose from when it comes to progressing with your nursing career, it can be difficult to decide how you’re going to reach your goals.. We’ve put together some of the best things to do if you’re hoping to earn more money and gain more responsibility as a nurse.


Invest in Education

As a nurse who is looking to progress through the ranks, you will certainly need to invest in your education in order to achieve your career goals. Usually, registered nurses will need to invest in a program such as an RN to MSN online curriculum from the University of Cincinnati in order to be eligible for positions in management, senior care roles, teaching roles and more. Advanced degrees in nursing are becoming increasingly important, and for many nurses who are hoping for career growth, completing a masters degree in nursing is essential.

Find A Mentor

As a nurse, you will have the advantage of being able to work with various people who will be able to mentor you as you progress and provide you with valuable advice for your success. Developing a mentor-mentee relationship can take time, however, therefore, it’s crucial for nurses to take steps to become a mentee by actively searching for and identifying people who they consider to be a role model for them in their career and whom they feel comfortable talking to and asking advice from.


With nursing being a very demanding profession on the front-line of healthcare, self-improvement is vital for nurses not only to be able to cope with the day-to-day demands of their job, but also to gain more seniority and responsibility in their role. Nurses are encouraged to keep reflective professional journals for this very reason, as looking back on the decisions and choices that you’ve made in the past can be hugely useful for shaping those that you will make in the future. Along with this, practicing reflectiveness and active self-improvement can make you a prime candidate for many nursing career paths.

Be Professional

As a nurse, you must always pursue professionalism in order to be in with a chance of advancing your career and moving through the ranks. Although the job itself can be hugely draining and demanding both physically and mentally, nurses who are able to remain professional even through the toughest and most difficult of times are the ones who are more likely to reach their career goals for the future.

Nurses have many options when it comes to career advancement, however, it’s important to pick the right ways of getting to where you want to be in your nursing career.

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