4 Ways to Grow Your Blog and Get Better Results

Here at Making Sense of Cents, we’re keen on helping our readers to learn how to blog using WordPress. Once you’re all setup with a domain, hosting, a logo, and your first few articles, it’s time to take things more seriously. If you want your blog to grow, you’ll need to use some more advanced techniques to get there.

Here are four ways to grow your blog and improve the results over time.

1. Presentation, Presentation, Presentation

The same way that real estate is said to be all about location, location, location, if your blog isn’t attractively presented then you’ve lost almost immediately. One of the advantages of using WordPress – which we recommended in our Learn How to Blog post – is that the theme can be swapped out for a different one in seconds. The theme is what changes the whole appearance of a website.

WordPress themes are either free or premium (paid). The premium ones are well-maintained, usually, conform to established web standards to ensure compatibility with most web browsers, and load faster. Sites like ThemeForest and WordPress offer free and paid themes that are safe to use and work well.

The presentation of the site and each blog post matters. From the use of graphical headings to attractive bullet points and good use of color make a site easy on the eye, quick to scan, and fast to consume. Improve the presentation; new visitors will return and the word of mouth will spread.

2. Improve Your Marketing Game

Marketing is a large field with many areas of study. It’s tough to learn all aspects of it. What’s helpful is to acquire a broad overview of the topic and then specialize in one or two areas. An online master of science in marketing management is a good way to do that. It is a master’s degree that covers marketing from a big picture perspective and then goes into subject specialization. The online MSM program removes the need to enter a classroom which saves time on the commute too.

3. Know Your Audience

With newer blogs, it’s difficult to appreciate who your average visitor is. It pays to run an informal quiz to ask your visitors what type of content they’re interested in learning about. Consider running some basic Facebook advertising campaigns. You’ll be able to place a Facebook pixel on your site and get a clearer idea about the demographic mix of your visitors. Whether the ad campaign is profitable or not, the information about your site visitors will be invaluable.

4. Guest Posting

Writing a guest post for a competitor’s site might seem counterintuitive at first. Why would they be interested in publishing your article on their site? Firstly, if the content is well-written and helpful to their audience, then it makes them look good. Secondly, it’s content that they don’t have to pay for.

Growing your blog over time takes care and patience. My own blog wasn’t an overnight sensation. It’s been a work in progress over several years. A blog can take a while to become known and to develop a loyal following. Take surefooted steps in the right direction to make steady gains over time.


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