How to Master the Art of Networking to Get a Job

It starts with deciding on a job you love.

First, you must establish your criteria for a dream or desired job by determining what you want in a job, such as benefits, type of job function, and desired industry.

To help figure this out, you can visit some online job boards, such as and and just browse the data-base of job titles, associated descriptions, and what they offer to an employee.


Decide what motivates you to get up in the morning and get excited to go to work.

Here is a list of some job incentives to get your dream job or business juices flowing, so you can identify what motivates you to perform at your best and enjoy work, or what you need to excite you in your own business:

  • Specific work location
  • Type of office environment, such as telecommute office or onsite work
  • Flexible or structured work schedule
  • Salary amount
  • Bonus and raise program
  • Benefit package, such as health care, vacation days, retirement plan (401k or pension plan)
  • Job tenure and seniority availability
  • Career growth potential
  • Balance of work and family life emphasis
  • Child care facility
  • Performance award and recognition structure

Once you decide what job or business features provide you with incentives to perform work at your best, next scout out the top ten current lists online for those criteria, for instance, The Top Ten Best Job Locations for work life balance or Top Paying Jobs.

Networking your way to success

Now to get to your goal, let networking be your friend.

When it comes to work connections, there are various avenues to pursue and at which to become proficient.

Job boards

A common library of job opportunities is right at your fingertips – Internet job boards. At some point in your life, you’ve probably tapped into these all too familiar career sites to explore job opportunities.

At that time, you might have been just browsing the closet of careers, looking for employees to add to your own business roster, seeking to immediately switch job industries or professions, searching for another position to spark your creative juices, been on a mission to get a job. Or you were just tired of the old day-to-day humdrum job, which has you counting down the minutes until 5:00 p.m. arrives, bringing a mass exodus from work to head home.

Whatever your reason for using a job board search, this is a wealth of career networking that can increase your odds of getting a dream job.

So start this opportunity at your fingertips by posting your resume to the job board, answer current job posts, and reach out to recruiters, that’s why they’re there.

Social sites

Don’t forget about connecting via social networks like LinkedIn to get a job or even Facebook. In the site search bar of such websites, you can try putting in key search terms related to your job search goal.

For instance, if you want to contact business professionals in large firm accounting, try searching for large accounting firms and companies. Then send acceptance invites to strategic contacts in such company types that can move your resume, help you gain job visibility, or have the power to offer you a career position.

Strategic contacts are specific names in the human resources department, a chief executive office holder, or other high-position name, who directly works for the company you target.

When contacting these potential employer connections, help yourself to stand out. You can do this with brief professional e-messages that capture their attention by supplying some current major work accomplishments, highlights, and awards. These achievements can help get you noticed.

All you need is to catch the attention of a strategic corporate employer and open the lines of communication to accomplish your work goals.

Keep business networking in mind when you’re using any online chat forum; whether it’s Twitter; a professional network; or even a hobby, charity, or interest-based online group – they all represent opportunities.

When chatting to people online, don’t be shy about communicating your job needs and reach out to see if any of these forum users have contacts; know of any contacts; or even have recommendations on how to get yourself into a particular company, industry, or business to business connection.

Let friends know you are in the game

Utilise the people in your life and open up your friend network whether it’s on a social media platform or at live events, such as a charity dinner opportunity, friend of a friend’s block party, a Barnes & Noble tea time date, or a library event meeting.

Broadening your friend and acquaintance network = expanding your business networking opportunities.

Throw a party and invite new, as well as, existing friends and tell them to bring friends. This is a great way to meet other people in a casual environment and network, network, network.

Join a baseball league at work – that plays against other companies, or get involved in a golf outing and don’t worry about playing like a pro.

These are fun ways to meet new people and open up business opportunities – always keep in mind that an enjoyable event is also a chance to build work connections.

Fun and business can be a great combination – it’s all what you make of it, so go ahead and connect, mix the conversation with casual talk and commonalities, interjected with business interests.

How do you appeal to others, so you can start a conversation and keep a conversation going? You can try taking a quick likeability test at – to see where you stand with regards to your appeal to others, and how you can use this information to improve your business connections.

This is a great way to improve and master the art of business networking. The more information you have to understand how to advance yourself when interacting with other people, the more you can practice it, the more you’ll get better at it, and it’s only a matter of time before you become a pro at it, making your business goals within reach.


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