Revision Tips for Success This Exam Period

That time of year is fast approaching – exam period.

And that can only mean one thing…revision!

With exams looming you may have already started tackling the revision pile, or you may have not – either way these are The Training Room’s top tips for success this exam period!

Start Revising Early!

The best thing you can do is prepare for exams – and no, this doesn’t mean that you should ‘cram’ the morning before your exams and expect to sail through.

You should have, ideally, already started preparing – make a timetable and stick to it! It might sound like common sense but prioritise exams which you have first, that doesn’t mean that you should skimp on other subjects – rather ensure that you manage your time accordingly.

Take Short, Frequent Breaks

No this doesn’t mean stop every 10 minutes, rather stop for a 10 minute break every hour. This will ensure that your brain doesn’t get too tired, that you remain focused and overall will boost your productivity.

If you feel like you need a longer break then try to do some exercise – taking longer study breaks and doing exercise is proven to boost your brain’s ability to be productive.

Take Advantage of Study Leave

It’s there for a reason – take advantage of the time to get your head down and study. Make the most of your time, start early in the day i.e. 9am and stick to a structure. Don’t try to spend all day focusing on one thing – plan your day around different subjects.

Also, don’t put your revision off. Study leave shouldn’t be seen as an opportunity to meet up with your mates, tidy your bedroom – procrastination is the enemy of the student in this situation.

Drinks and Snacks!

Keep healthy snacks to hand. Drinking water and eating fruits and nuts will keep you going and mean that you don’t have to stop frequently to go and raid the fridge.

Put Yourself in the Right Environment for Study

Sitting at a desk in a quiet room is the best environment for revision. Don’t try to revise in front of the TV or in bed – it’s not a good idea, you’ll lose concentration before you can count to 3!

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice papers are available for a reason, take advantage of them.

By completing example and past papers you will become familiar with the style of questions which are asked in the exam. This will also help with your exam technique as you will able to be use mark schemes to see what was expected of the questions.

Make Notes…

Ensure that you don’t just read your notes – this won’t help you to remember when it comes to the exam. Making notes, bullet points or cue cards of key points will help the information to be retained.

Try not to get carried away by making your notes look pretty, or by finding the perfect colour to write in – if you do like to make your notes colourful then limit yourself to 2 or 3, not a different colour for every sentence.

Place Revision Notes Around Your House

It might sound silly but placing notes around the house in places which you frequently go  will help you to remember things. Try sticking notes on your fridge or on the back of the bathroom door – you could be surprised at how well this works!

Minimise Your Pre-Exam Anxiety!

You can minimise that feeling of stress and panic which is common before exams by avoiding panicking friends and allowing yourself plenty of time to get to your exam.

Allowing yourself plenty of time for a good breakfast before a morning exam or for lunch before an afternoon exam will ensure that there are no ‘stomach grumbles’ mid-exam which can interrupt your focus on the task in hand.

Do It Your Way!

Everyone will find a revision technique which works for them. Just because your friend has the perfect way of studying, doesn’t mean that it will work for you.

Everyone has a different way of learning – understanding your learning style will make it easier to study and to recall information in the long run.

Let Us Help You

We hope that these revision tips help you – you can find more revision tips and results day tips in our blog here.

And don’t forget that if things don’t go your way in the exam that it’s not the end of the world – there are other options such as further training to take more vocational routes. The Training Room is here to help you so if you want to chat about the option of taking one of our training courses then give us a call or visit the website to see what we can do for you today!

Good luck in your exams from The Training Room!







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