Technologies for Building the ‘Road of the Future’

De-icing pavements, colour-changing paint, and wind-powered roadway lighting are all being used by cities all around the world to redefine the highway.

Roadways are continually changing, just like online casino industry, either as a result of repairs and construction or as a result of ongoing upgrades.

Companies have been hard at work inventing ways to make the roads safer and more driver-friendly, enabling the use of innovations from the automotive sector, thanks to recent developments in smart technologies.

This article discusses smart road technologies that are reshaping the transportation landscape.

Electric Charging Lanes

Smart roads are working to accept and enable the widespread use of electric vehicles as the automobile industry moves toward electrification. This has mostly been accomplished in previous years by the addition of more and more charging stations. Electric charging lanes, for example, are revolutionizing the way electric vehicles operate.

Electron (formerly ElectRoad) was created in 2013 to enable the widespread adoption of pure electric buses, with the ultimate goal of reducing oil reliance. Electron fuels electric buses with renewable energy while in motion using sophisticated electromagnetic induction technology.

Smart Pavement technology

Integrated Roadways has created systems that send weather, traffic, accident, and other road conditions information to vehicles as well as central processing hubs or emergency response teams.

Integrated Roadways is a technology startup based in Kansas City that is developing Smart Pavement, a technology that will not only improve roadway safety but also serve as a Wi-Fi platform for cars and other future mobility services. 

The Smart Pavement road system detects vehicle positions and highway conditions in real-time using high-resolution fibre optic sensors and other technology embedded in the pavement. These integrated sensor systems can also identify accidents and send out automatic alerts to emergency personnel. Maybe one day after winning from casino games you will afford an expensive carthat will only be driven on such roads.

Solar road paint

The Smart Highway project is a network of interactive and environmentally friendly roads. Designer Daan Roosegaarde and Heijmans Infrastructure are working to develop roads that are both sustainable and smart, using light, energy, and signage that interacts with traffic, using new designs and technologies. After a three-month trial period in the Netherlands, the project’s first instalment, Glowing Lines, was completed.

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