The Biggest Expense – The Bills

With food coming in second, the biggest expense for many families and individuals tends to be the payments that they need to make for things like water, electricity, gas and internet, among others. These bills are often in large amounts and can be incredibly costly, especially if there are many people living under the same roof. If there is a reason you can’t pay these bills one month, this can set you behind for a long time to come, as you try come recover with all the overdue notifications that you get, but what can you do to save yourself from this situation.

Income Insurance

If you can afford it, income insurance can save a family in a time of need. If you find yourself without income for whatever reason, whether you are injured or if you have been made redundant, the bills don’t stop coming. This is where income insurance can come in. If you can get cover for your income and if you qualify, you can still make enough money to keep yourself afloat and avoid all the nasty overdue and those threatening to cut off a much needed service.

Avoid Payday Loans

These are often where people get caught out. If you find yourself unable to cover your bills for a month, don’t go to something offering pay day loans, as they usually offer exorbitant interest rates that can set you even further behind. Instead, consider a bill consolidation loan if you’re having issues. These loans will help you pay your bills and keep all the necessary services online at your home. And while this might put you into a bit of debt that you can eventually work your way out of, the interest rates on these loans are often not as high as the payday loans offered by independent lenders, meaning there is not such a rush to pay these back.

Shop Around

Many lenders on these key services have the ability to provide you with discounts and cheaper rates if you’re nice to them. While this might not always work, there are also plenty of compare sites that will allow you to find cheaper rates on anything from electricity to the internet. This will help you find the best prices for the best package that will suit you. This could also mean ringing your current company, and telling them that you are considering leaving if you have found a better package. Often, your current company will make a counter offer, trying to keep you using your service.


Bills can often be hard to pay. They can be hard to manage and they are often a pain to deal with. Building up the money to pay larger fees each month can often add up, and you might have to make sacrifices to be able to pay these bills, but that’s the best thing you can do. By paying the bills, you have the ability to be free from each one for at least a month before it comes back around once again. So do your best to stay organised with your bills, and do your best to not make them an even bigger expense.

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