Top Paying Jobs and Careers: Why You Should Consider Your Degree Wisely

College education has become a necessity nowadays. Gone are the days wherein graduating from high school is enough for you to land a good job. Some offer a decent amount of money while others provide a lucrative source of income.

In this article, we will cover the top paying jobs and career paths that you can take.

  1. Medicine

The 21st century is indeed the era of science and technological improvement. One of its branches is the field of medicine. Surgeons, anesthesiologists, Physicians, and orthodontists are just a few of the highest paying careers today. These professionals earn a whopping income of $200,000 to $400,000 annually. With the high-level of complexity their job demands, it is totally understandable why they earn that hefty amount of salary.

  1. Computer and Information Technology

With the fast-paced advancement of technology, it is no surprise why the demand for the experts of this field is also increasing. One option you can take is Computer Science degree. This course involves developing computer programs and computer networks. As a matter of fact, most college students nowadays are interested in this path. The course is very timely as we are now living in technology-assisted society, so you don’t have to worry about not getting a job afterward.

What’s even more amazing is that enrolling in computer science course is now made accessible worldwide through online classes. One of the online universities that offer this course is the They offer a wide range of online courses for free including the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

  1. Digital Marketing Manager

The improvement of Computer and Information Technology gives birth to the online world. The internet, or virtual world as other people call it, is undeniably one of the most exciting and productive careers worldwide. While others take this lightly, the weight of a marketing manager’s job involves a lot of strategic planning and consistent researching.

A marketing manager earns at least $140, 000 in a year. Being a newbie career option, digital marketing manager shows a pretty good competition as one of the world’s highest paying jobs.

  1. Lawyer

It is insane how a single piece of legal document can cost you thousands of dollars. Lawyers are respected worldwide not just because of their high-level of intelligence, but also because of the high salary that flows into their bank account.

Lawyers have different areas of specialization, but one of the most coveted ones is being a corporate lawyer. Corporate lawyers are paid for their experience, knowledge, and tactics, especially when business is involved.

Choosing a career path is a critical decision that you need to think thoroughly, but it doesn’t mean that you would limit yourself to options that most people take. While others say that one should choose a job according to meaning and passion, but in all honesty, a lucrative income will always be part of the final decision.

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