3 Good Reasons to have French Content on your Website

French is a popular language in the world, as more than 220 million people across five continents speak French.  In fact, French is the second most widely spoken language in the world, after English.

If you’re planning to cater to this large French-speaking population, it makes sense to have your content in the local language, so they can better relate with the content and through it, your organization.

Here are more reasons to have French content on your website.

International audience

French is a truly international language and it can pave the way for you to enter new markets. France is the fifth biggest economy in the world and a key economic player in today’s globalized world. Besides France, many other major economic powerhouses like Canada, Belgium and Switzerland speak French. These markets can greatly boost your overall revenue, so it makes sense to enter these markets.

Many countries in Africa also have French as an official language. This could be an important market for you because Africa is emerging as a hot destination for investments. In the past, Africa remained relatively undeveloped due to many reasons like war and conflict. Today, it is overcoming those challenges and is growing at a rapid pace. So, if you want to enter this lucrative market, French may be the key.

French audience and media

French is the third most widely used language on the Internet, after English and German. There are many media sites and videos that are designed for a French audience. You can place your ads in these popular sites, when you have content in French.

In fact, a French ad and content will blend well on these sites and can help you reach your target audience.

Good employees

Did you know that French is the only language other than English, that is taught in every country in the world? This means, you can find talented people who speak French to become a part of your company. When you have content in French, it helps them to create a bond with our company and maybe even reduce the attrition rate for you.

In short, French language can be an important entry point to reach out to more audience and markets, especially some of the largest and the most promising ones.  In other words, English to French translation services can be required for your economic growth.


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