Google is still the best application even in 2018. It enables users to access large amounts of information. Latest updates to the service allow you to find nearby restaurants or track a package using your voice. With the virtual assistant, you can have conversations with your cell phones. The Google Assistant application acts as an artificial personal assistant, allowing users to get more tasks done. It also still connects with Google accounts. And updated Google Chrome will sync history and bookmarks across devices.

Facebook has been one of the trending applications for a while now. It allows people to connect with friends and family even if they are miles away. It is used be the must-have application for nearly everyone including real online casino games. However, recent data scandals have got people looking for alternatives. For now, though, it is still a top App.

Instagram is the best social network for sharing pictures. The platform has features that enhance the sharing experience. Users are particularly fond of ruining their photos with the filters.

The WPS Office and PDF is an office application. It has all the office features in one. Fully compatible with the Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Users can be able to access spreadsheets and memos. It comes with free PDF converter. It is easy and flexible to use. There is also data encryption. It is the best 2018 office application.

WhatsApp is still ranking as one of the best applications for 2018. It is a free instant messaging platform. Users can communicate using the phone’s internet services. It has the ability to send text messages, voice messages, share links and locations. The application is secure for messaging just like some best casino sites with live chat box.

Google News and Weather is another top application. The App helps people to get news on any topic of their interest. It provides accurate weather information. When the location services are turned on, it will show your local news and weather. It also comes with the widget support.

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