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One of the fastest growing and sought after education fields is cosmetology and related areas. The numerous options for those trained in these areas attract many to the field. The Academy of Hair Design provides students with the skills that they need to services their customers. Getting this sort of education will allow you to work within the industry on your own or with a more established salon.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 670+K jobs available in this industry in 2016. This number has steadily grown over the past 2 years. These numbers are greatly impacted by those who have been educated in the areas of cosmetology, barber services, aesthetics and manicure techniques. The number of credit hours to gain experience and licensing vary depending on individual student interests and goals.

Cosmetology Skills

Students interested in this particular area will receive 1500 hours of class time. These efforts focus on preparation for state licensing examinations. At the same time, students will learn techniques and processes to serve their clients with attention to detail. This Academy of Hair Design education also includes hands-on approaches that build professional skills in a host of areas.

Barber Services

Barbers are also some of the most intriguing professionals. These students get 1000 hours of class time, as well as, gaining skills to work in diverse environments. Graduates of these programs can work in individual shops, salons, and other locations. Forbes Magazine states that men’s grooming is a fast-tracked industry, expected to be a $26B field by the year 2020.

Quality Esthetics

The esthetics field is certainly one of the most diverse to consider. Students who select this focus have options for working in both the beauty industry, as well as, various segments of the medical industry. This is the study of skin care strategies and the promotion of overall health. The academy offers these students 750 hours of class, along with thorough clinical experience.

Manicure Techniques

The average manicurist can be found in virtually every segment of a given community. Having the professional training here allows students to create a bright future. Students receive 600 hours of classroom time focusing on areas, such as manicures, pedicures and a variety of spa services. This prepares them for state licensing and work in salon and spa settings.

The only way to build the professional skills that you need is to invest in your training. Academy students have access to the instruction of experts in these fields. This allows them to gain the education necessary to work in different environments. The skills gained are also a resource when it comes to expanding earning options. Investing in your education is also investing in yourself.

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