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We have moved a long way since the inception of the original slot machines back in the 20th century. Today, online casinos and their service providers are the leaders in gambling entertainment development.

With so much innovation and development on offer, it takes a website such as

grandevegascasino.com to lead the way in terms of level of offerings and sensational entertainment. You can find so many brilliant titles to enjoy in such a place.

Sail the Seven Seas with Sinbad

This is a free to play online sensation which countless online gamblers consider to be among the best in online slots entertainment. This game is for the daring and adventurous player, who has dreamed of sailing the high seas and conquering booty.

Quickspin – this particular game’s provider – really brought their programming and entertainment capacity to a new level when they designed and released Sinbad. The game is made up of a total of 5 reels, which come with a forty maximum of possible selectable paylines.

How it Works

Sinbad has been designed with an Aladdin-like aesthetic in mind, bringing the best of cartoonish Arabian magic to the fore. Like any great online casino slots game, Sinbad relies on the accumulation of bonus symbols, which when gathered at a certain level will send the player on their merry way to the bonus rounds.

Like any aspiring pirate, the key to entering the bonus winnings is to collect various jewels. Collecting and matching between three and five jewels will provide with you extra winnings. Then there are the congenial buccaneers and their symbols to look out for, as well as a sultry veiled princess and her sultan. Such characters will bring even higher rates of complimentary winnings.

The Bonus Rounds

Getting into a bonus round is no great task by any means when you play Sinbad. The wild symbols in this particular game are represented by crossed swords, which will not only grant you entrance to the bonus rounds, but will also net you extra winnings as a given.

In the bonus round, you will be given the chance to make the most out of three complimentary spins, which can easily lead you to double your winnings. Look out for the Roc Free Spin, which will provide you with the most beneficial complimentary spin.

Play Against Friends!

While Sinbad is an excellent game to play alone, why not share the fun with your friends, through the mobile application? By downloading Sinbad onto your smartphone, you now have access to an exhilarating competitive or cooperative series of game modes for you and your fellow swashbucklers to play together in.

You can choose from two game modes. The first is a competitive game mode, which is setup very similarly to the original game mode, only now you will be competing against each other to win the most amount of booty imaginable. In the cooperative mode, you can help each other out to win the biggest prize imaginable, which you will then share.



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