Reasons to Consider a Career in Healthcare Administration

When many people think of healthcare workers, their mind is immediately drawn to the doctors and nurses who operate on the front line.  However, the truth is that without healthcare administration staff, they wouldn’t be able to do their jobs.  Those who choose to work in healthcare administration are responsible for ensuring the facility stays efficient and organized and works within the set budget.  Here are four reasons to consider a career in this area.

Excellent Salary

The salary for healthcare administrators is around $90,000 per year.  That’s around $43 an hour.  And, as you gain experience and rack up achievements, you’ll find that this figure increases further, with the top earners in the industry earning $200,000 per year.  In order to reach this salary, however, you’ll need to earn your online masters in health administration.  You can take an MHA degree online, so there’s no need to limit your earning potential while you study.  And, once you have the knowledge and experience to manage, you’ll see your wages dramatically increase.

Lots of Career Opportunities

Because healthcare administration is such an important industry, you’ll find that it’s a job that is in high demand.  The healthcare industry as a whole creates over 11 million jobs in the United States, and that figure is only going to increase as the population ages.  In fact, it’s estimated that the industry will grow by 23% in the next five years.  And, every job in the healthcare industry needs managing, which is where administrators come in.  You could work in a doctor’s office, a hospital, a nursing home, or even for the government.  You could also choose to work for a finance company, a pharmaceutical firm, or a device manufacturing company – the options are limitless.

An Important Community Role

Those who work in healthcare are often revered by others for their ability to provide care to those in need.  They are valuable community members who take their time to heal others and offer a shoulder to cry on when required.  Healthcare administrators are responsible for managing healthcare workers and ensuring that everything works as it should.  Although this isn’t a patient facing role, it’s still an important one.  You could be responsible for creating and protecting the jobs of others in the industry, ensuring the healthcare industry has a good reputation and calling the shots about community services.  You will be an important member of the community.

Make a Difference

Finally, a lot of people want to enter the healthcare field to make a difference to the lives of those around them.  And, just because you won’t be in a patient facing position, this does not mean that you aren’t contributing to change.  Every time you go to work, you will be improving the lives of hundreds or thousands of people, and this is something to truly be proud of.  It’s an incredibly rewarding job.

So there you have it.  If you’re interested in becoming a healthcare administrator, consider taking an online MHA degree today.

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