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Microsoft has put forward that they will launch a new device: Surface Laptop. The device was officially unveiled on the 01st of May at the Microsoft’s New York City Event by the Chief Panos Panay. The device is a 13.50-inch laptop designed to run on Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 10 S. Panay has stated that their targeted audience is High-school leavers who have been asking for this hardware.


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The real Microsoft’ Surface Laptop uses a keyboard made of Alcan Tara fabric, just like it’s Surface Pro 4 keyboard, combined with 1.5mm travel for backlit keys. Preview videos of this device show that it has been designed to be a high-product to advertise the new operating system. Given that this laptop runs on Windows 10 S, users should download applications only from Windows Store unless they decided to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro.

The Surface Laptop is a real laptop, like a clamshell device, until the Surface Book which was a 2-in-1. Like always, Panos Panay gave one device to an audience member so that he can see the new burgundy colour. There are other colours in which the laptop has been made and these are: graphite gold, platinum and cobalt blue. Also, the laptop is less than three pounds in weight.

The screen of the laptop is a 13.5-inch PixelSense display with an aspect ratio of 3:2. This is the thinnest LCD touch model screen ever created and adapted to a laptop. Plus, the pixels are of 3.4 million. The screen is as well adapted to the Surface Pen, so that users can draw on the display just like any other Surface devices.

Panay has confirmed that the device is one of the best as it is using the latest i7 processors and Intel Core i5. The battery life of the laptop is of 14.5 hours, and is believed to be faster than the i7 MacBook Pro.

There are integrated vapor chambers in the aluminium finish of the device’s rear, so that the laptop can stay cool and to avoid over-heating. Plus, there are no holes or speaker grilles, as the speakers has been built under the keyboard. You can feel the vibes under your fingers!

The orders for the Surface laptop has already started to be taken by Microsoft. The pricing for the core i5 version of the Surface Laptop with 128 GB and 4GB RAM is of $999, and the shipping will kick off as from June.

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