Technology has stood the test of time and we continue to witness more advancement alongside those that could not be fathomed years ago. However, as with all things, it is also surrounded by its myths and here are 3 technological myths that have been busted.

1. Video games make folks become more violent.

This assertion has been on for a while now and it’s not new. It has been around since the 1970s as parents and groups expressed fears over the negative impact that the violence prevalent in some video games could have on kids and adults as a whole.

Regardless, more action themed games continued to enter the market and this development did very little to allay fears and suspicions. For games where you won’t see any violence, you could try your hands on the casino games at NetBet.

There was the belief that kids and adults would prefer playing these games by taking control of avatars and commit the hideous acts themselves rather than watch such events unfold on screens.

Grand-Theft Auto was one of such games where players would take control of an avatar choose to run down innocent bystanders.

However, although these games were designed for just entertainment purposes, the propensity for gamers to perpetuate on-screen violence with avatars prompted scientists to conduct investigations on the impact that these actions could have in the real world.

Although initial studies claimed that gamers could adopt such behaviors in the real world, a comprehensive survey in 2014 debunked this view based on crime statistics.

2. Data can be erased by magnets.

I guess many have seen the movie titled Sabotage which involved the use of a magnet to erase a hard disk’s contents.

You may also have been alerted to ensure that your devices are not kept in close proximity with a magnet. However, the supposed dangers that could arise from magnets are mostly mythical.

It has been established that various flash memory devices that use solid-state drives won’t be affected by magnetism thus ensuring that smart phones, laptops and USB sticks are safe.

However, same can’t be said for hard disc drives as the danger exists partially. These devices produce a binary code that makes use of the polar alignments on the magnetic parts.

Therefore, it is believed that a strong magnet could create a force which would alter the polarity and ruin any existing data. It has not been confirmed though as only a super magnet can possess these abilities.

3. QWERTY is the most suitable keyboard layout.

QWERTY keyboards have attained massive popularity because of their ease of use.

However, the QWERTY format is actually a relic from the era of typewriters. Typewriters were originally displayed in alphabetical order, but jamming issues came up as commonly used letters, placed next to each other were slammed in close succession over time.

The QWERTY was deployed as a solution to this issue. However, the Dvorak and Colemak arrangements are arguably more efficient than the QWERTY layout.

This is because commonly used letters are arranged in such a way that they can be easily accessible. Nevertheless, our decades-long orientation on the QWERTY keyboard will continue to make it the most used as many won’t be keen on retracing their steps and see their brain and fingers undergo some retraining.

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