Fashion is one thing that has the amazing power to resurrect a trend from the past. It is highly unlikely that we will see VHS tapes making a comeback. But we have already seen some Princess Diana inspired styles on the catwalks in 2018.

Once in a while, though something new comes up. Something so revolutionary the design itself will be an inspiration. Judging from history this does not happen that often. The reason is that a lot of the designers and people, in general, like to stick to sure things. Venturing into the unknown is not common even among natural risk takers like real money online casinos gamblers.

Power Shorts

Like what we said something comes along the shakes everything up. Like real money gambling, the game manufacturers have run out of ideas and keep recycling old material. The system is only shaken when someone comes up with a truly new “thing”.

Power Shorts are the new in thing in the fashion industry. For far too long shorts have been overlooked as an integral part of a woman wardrobe. Now they have been given a new lease of life. They are not just coming in as part of holiday gear but in mainstream dressing.

Top designers including Louis Vuitton have come up with designs for shorts that can be used in an everyday scenario. Although Louis Vuitton’s boxer style shorts might be less suitable for a meeting, Off White’s Shorts Suit will definitely be a hot trend in boardrooms this year.

A future with Endless Possibilities

There are a lot of new designs that are hitting the runways of Paris, Milan and New York. New and bolder colours are being used to make designs more appealing to the market. Fabrics like wool are becoming more visible at fashion shows. One trend that we know is going to make it in the future are Clear Vinyl Trench Coats. They are the most common form of wardrobe in futuristic movies.

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