Ways Overseas Study Trips Can Help Make Your Resume Look Better

Your achievements in school along with your overall grades have a huge impact on whether or not you can get a job. Everything is listed on your resume. Those who have a good resume to brag about will most likely be hired over those who have nothing to present.


One way to improve your resume is to join a studierejse or a study trip overseas. You might think this is not really helpful as it is just a trip, but it actually matters to a lot of employers. Besides, this is not just an ordinary trip where you go out to have fun and adventure. It is something that provides you with a better insight into various things around the world. Here are some more ways in which study trips help improve your resume.


You will learn relevant skills


There are trips that enhance skills that are required for a job. For instance, some jobs require good communication skills. Joining an overseas study trip where you have the chance to speak with people of different nationalities, practice their language and interact with them on a daily basis is something that you can brag about. Cross-cultural understanding is also something you can be proud of. There are more companies that are becoming more diverse these days. If you are someone who has deeper cultural understanding, it becomes easier for you to get a job.

You can show your soft side


Having travelled to volunteer will be a huge plus point. It shows that you have a heart, care about other people, and are willing to spend your time and resources to be of help. Companies are not just looking for skilled and talented individuals. They are also after people who have positive attitudes and good values. It also shows that you are someone who is willing to work even without pay. It shows your commitment and passion to doing something.


You have made the most of your time


Imagine if your resume has a huge gap between jobs, you can’t justify the said gap easily. However, if you say that the gap was because you travelled, it shows that you are someone who can manage your time well. This is a good thing when you are applying for a job. It tells the employer that you don’t just allow time to pass by without doing anything meaningful.


These are just some of the ways in which overseas study trips can benefit you when applying for a job. Find out what study trip options might fit your interests best and how they can benefit your resume and future employment opportunities.



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