What Side of the Brain Drives Your Car?

The left and right side of your brain control different methods of thinking. The left side of your brain controls rationality and logical thought such as thinking about the best Florida commute, whereas the right side of your brain controls emotions and creativity. If you don’t know what side of the brain is driving your car, you can figure it out with our extensive brain research guide below.

Road rage

Coping with road rage can easily determine what side of the brain drives your car. If you react to tailgaters by staying cool and remembering what you learned in traffic school, then you’re a left-brain thinker. However, you might be a right brain driver, if you cope with tailgaters by brake checking out of spite.

Avoiding reckless drivers

Despite your cold logic, left brainers may fall victim to traffic accidents from reckless drivers more often. Intuition and reaction time is a right brain function. When you quickly react to a reckless driver or a sudden stop, then you’re a right brain thinker.

The color of your car

White, black, and silver is the perfect color spectrum, for the left-brain driver. The right brain craves attention. That’s why they’ll choose a color with more pizazz, such as lime green or a vibrant yellow.

Departure time

Left brain drivers will calculate the precise time they need to leave to arrive anywhere on time. If there’s one thing the left side of the brain hates, it’s being late. Contrastingly, the right brain will always leave when they feel like it. The time they need to be somewhere is often the time they depart.

The type of car you drive

If you choose utility over luxury, you’re making a logical decision. That means you’re more likely a left-brain driver. Choosing a car that will make you look cool and goes fast will reveal your inner right brain.

Car maintenance

Routine maintenance checks are important to the health of your car. If maintaining the well-being of your vehicle is a priority, then consider yourself a member of the left-brain club. If you can’t remember the last time you changed your oil, then you might think better with the right side of your brain.

When someone cuts you off in traffic

When someone cuts you off in traffic and you respond with an articulate, witty insult as if you were reading Shakespearean dialogue, then that’s your left brain at work. Screaming into the void and shouting the first obscene word that comes to mind is a right brain behavior.

Your music playlist

A well-crafted playlist for the perfect commute is a great way to test the creativity of the driver. Therefore, knowing the perfect song to play during your drive means you’re a right brain thinker. If your ideal song is the wind wafting through your window, then you’re likely a left brainer.

How fast you drive

You can always tell who’s the left-brain driver by those who travel under or at the speed limit. Speeders and drivers who believe “5 miles over the speed limit isn’t a reason to get pulled over” are often the one’s driving with the right side of their brain.

Your commuting route

Every day you drive the same route to your workplace. The reason being, you’re a creature of habit and you know what to expect. That’s your logical left brain driving. When you feel like seeing the sights of your town and taking the road less traveled, that’s your right brain looking for adventure.

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