Why A Paralegal Degree Is a Great Way to Expand Your Skillset

Paralegals are qualified to work in legal matters, but in a more junior capacity compared to a full lawyer. One of the advantages of a paralegal degree is its versatility; a paralegal graduate need not necessarily work in a law office. Many departments within large corporations can benefit from the presence of a paralegal graduate and they can help to dramatically reduce the costs your business spends on legal consultation year on year. For businesses that are growing, paralegal graduates are valuable assets as they can work across multiple departments, simultaneously if needs be. Below are just some of the options open to paralegal graduates looking for new challenges within the business they work for.

Human Resources

Human resources is an essential department for any business, large or small. Human resources departments are the main point of contact between employees and management. As well as ensuring that employers and employees meet their contractual obligations to one another, they are also responsible for processing any disciplinary or termination matters. As such, human resources departments need access to legal advice as and when it is required, which makes them an ideal department for a paralegal to work in. Working in human resources will provide invaluable experience in areas such as contract law. Usually, a paralegal graduate will work alongside a fully qualified attorney, but their presence can greatly reduce the demands and subsequent cost of a full-time lawyer. You could pay for one of your current human resources employees to study for an online paralegal degree; it could save your department money in the long run.

Bookkeeping and Payroll

For any business, the most important consideration is always going to be money. Money is the lifeblood of a business and ensuring that a healthy flow is maintained is an essential part of effective management. Businesses often hire lawyers with a tax specialty to oversee bookkeeping and ensure that the business is meeting its legal obligations, while identifying any areas where savings can be made or tax benefits claimed. As with human resources, having a paralegal assistant in bookkeeping greatly reduces the strain on the lawyer.


Many businesses, as part of their day to day operations, need to compose and agree on contracts with customers and other businesses. Contract lawyers make excellent mentors both for students studying an online paralegal program and those who have recently graduated. It is essential for the overall health and security of a business that any contracts they sign are watertight. Oversights can have very serious consequences where contracts are concerned, with potentially devastating results for individuals and for the business as a whole. Equally, if the business finds itself facing any form of litigation, the more members of staff with a working knowledge of contracts law the easier it will be to coordinate a response.

Paralegal graduates can fill a number of roles within an organization and paralegal degrees are exceptionally well suited to employees looking to add to their skillset and potentially take on extra roles within an organization.

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