Why be an English host family in France?

An English host family welcomes a French child into their house for a short time, so that the child can immerse themselves in the English language and English customs. It’s one of the best ways for French children to learn English as a foreign language but they aren’t the only one who’ll benefit.

Being a host family is a huge responsibility because you’re inviting someone to share your life for a week or two, but it’s also a special, rewarding experience for you and your loved ones. What could your family gain from the experience? Let’s find out.

The joy of teaching a child

As any teacher will tell you, there’s nothing more rewarding than helping a child to achieve; whether they’re toddlers learning their first words or teenagers learning to speak fluently in a second language.

That feeling never leaves you and you’ll get to experience it over and over again; even watching your own children help others to tackle a foreign language.

A learning experience for your kids

The job market now is super-competitive and by the time your kids grow up, it’s likely to be even more so. That’s why French families are sending their children on English immersion holiday- to give them an edge in the job market.

But what can your kids get out of it? Hosting a French child can be a valuable learning experience for your kids, not only helping them develop their own language skills but also building their emotional intelligence, which, as discussed on Forbes, is essential for career success.

This experience will be something which they can draw on when writing application letters or during job interviews; whether they’re wanting to work in childcare, study law at University or work in retail.

Tailoring the education

These types of programmes aren’t meant to follow a rigid routine and you generally have a lot of freedom to customise your educational plans to suit individual students and their abilities. Would the student benefit more from watching English-language programmes and talking about the storylines or playing a game of Scrabble or writing a fictional story in English? It’s up to you.

Earn extra money during the school holidays

If you take time off of work in the school holidays to look after your own children, then money can often be tight. As a host family, you will earn extra money while working from home and still spending quality time with your family.

Immediate benefits for your children

It’s not just about their future prospects either; your kids can benefit from hosting a French-speaking child right away. They’ll be making new friends-  building relationships that could last a lifetime- and they’ll be spending more quality time with their family- as at least one of their parents will be working from home.

Being a host family for a French child will provide your family with fantastic new experiences and give you a healthy wage as well. Why not see if you could be a host family with Daily English so that you can make a change for your family today?


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